Here’s what people thought of my Instagram workshops

“Velvet’s workshop is one of the most useful sessions I have ever attended – it has taken the angst out of social media for my business. We are now getting better results for less effort. She is uniquely straight forward and generous with her advice and there was no hard sell at the end.” 

Laura Harkins-Small, Many Small Things

“Velvet’s workshop was very useful. She is very knowledgeable about Instagram and gives great, practical advice. After attending her workshop I definitely have a better grip on the basics of using Instagram to grow my brand and have seen a growth in my social engagement. I would highly recommend attending her workshop if you get the chance.”

Ariane Luff, Sprout Projects

“Velvet’s workshop was the first time that I could understand the way Instagram worked. She is very clear and generous with sharing her knowledge in a way I could understand and see myself doing. I totally recommend Velvet’s workshop. It is the best one I have been to.”

 Justine Murray Easton, Design for Better Aging

“Velvet’s workshop was full of great tips. So useful for an Instagram rookie like me. She is so knowledgeable and great at what she does. After attending her workshop I have so much more confidence using Instagram. I highly recommend Velvet’s workshops and will be attending the next one for sure!”

Kirstie Klein-Hunter, Klein Hunter Property Buyers

“Velvet’s workshop was very practical. She is a very kind and thoughtful business woman and knowledgeable in her field. Velvet has the capacity and information to help business owners make the most of their social marketing. I recommend Velvet’s workshops to anyone who needs to get their head around how to make the most of their social media accounts.”

Eve Cammell, Love &Lee

“Thanks so much for running the workshop today! It was most informative with some great actionable steps to implement. It was great to get the basics, I now have a greater understanding of what Instagram is about!"

Dr Janelle Van Kalken, Vitality Place

“Velvet’s workshop was full of tips that took the mystery out of the online space. She is so knowledgeable yet practical and obviously very good at what she does. She was great at explaining and breaking everything down into manageable chunks that I could action. After attending her workshop I know so much more about Instagram and how to use it for my business. I highly recommend Velvet’s workshops.”

Ellie Megraw